Woman natural calculator

Woman natural calculator

Traditionally, many native communities referred to menstruation as moon-time. They would go to the ‘moon-lodge’ to meditate, rest, or gather wisdom during this period. Even in ancient times, menstruation figured powerfully in cosmology and myths. The act of connecting your body cycle to the moon isn’t a recent practice.

BeMoon App follows the woman periodcycle with a moon mandala calculator.You can check and compare your emotions and moon phase in your period cycle.This empowers you to track the cycle phase you are in and the task associated with the phase.

Woman natural calculator

Know your cycle

Menstruation is one powerful and sacred experience that is necessary for creation, health, and wellness. Completely understanding your woman natural calculator, also known as a period calculator or menstrual calculator, equips you with body literacy which is a tool of liberation. Yet, most women grow up being ignorant of it and referring to it as an ‘inconvenient biological necessity’ that should be hidden.

This way, you forfeit the power and wisdom of your female body. But BeMoon empowers you to understand your cycle and transform to simply joyful living.

A healthy cycle ranges from 25-33 days. The first day you bleed is the first day of our cycle and it ends the day before your next period begins.

You can divide this cycle into 4 parts. Each part represents the different phases of the moon (New Moon, Waxing, Full Moon, and Waning). Each lunar phase takes 6-9 days.

You’ll notice that the movement within your cycle occurs in a very peculiar way. The phase can be longer (when you need to integrate or contemplate on what’s happening around us/within us) or shorter (during intense energy activities).Just as the moon phases change, you are invited to connect with this mysterious yet subtle sacred feminine. By doing this we become more self-conscious of the natural wisdom that teaches us about times of rebirth, life, and death.And the best thing is that the woman natural calculator has nothing to do with dates, calendars, or patterns. A woman’s body is wise and it manifests itself only that we might not be aware of it

Why BeMoon App Woman Natural Calculator

  • It helps you to understand the patterns of each phase of your cycle.

  • It increases your awareness of the patterns you were never conscious about enabling you to live in a more balanced, mindful, and efficient way.

Do you want to stop suffering and live a holistic life aligned with the magic of the moon and the wisdom of your body?Start by downloading BeMoon today.Metatitel: The period calculator app BeMOon