Menstrual Calculator

Menstrual Calculator

BeMoon isn’t just another menstrual calculator but one that empowers you to honor your cycle by practicing mindful menstruation. You get to see exactly how your cycle is intertwined with the beautiful seasons of the world. It can also be seen as a period calculator or a woman natural calculator.

It is a must-have tool for any woman seeking to comprehend their menstrual cycle. The moon has always affected the flow of water in oceans, lakes, and women’s bodies as well. The menstruation blood, wet fertile fluid, and the dry phase after the period.

Our menstrual calculator will help you personalize your moon mandala.

What is a menstrual calculator?

It is a calculator that helps you predict and know when your next period is going to occur.You can use it to plan period-free vacations or the right time to get pregnant.

The principles of a menstrual calculator:

You’ll need to input some details for the calculator to work properly.

Cycle duration

On average, a cycle takes 28 days (almost similar to the lunar cycle that lasts for 29.5 days). It’s a good estimate to give but it’s normal to have longer or shorter cycles than that.

Period duration

If you’re lucky, your period lasts for 3 days. Others may have periods lasting for 6-7 days.

Last period date

This is the date when your last period stopped. It is often considered as the first day of your cycle. To know when your next period will happen, the menstrual calculator uses the details you’ve provided to estimate your next period. You’ll notice that thelonger the period you use the calculator, the more accurate it will be. It might not be 100% accurate, especially for those with irregular periods or first-timers.


How do I calculate my next period?

Yes, you can. You need to be aware of how long your cycle is and the duration of your periods. Then add the length of your cycle to the date of our last period. This marks the first day of your next period.Now you can check if you’re correct on the BeMoon Menstrual calculator.

How do I calculate my fertility window?

Take your average cycle duration, minus 14 days, and add the remaining days to the date when your previous period started. That is your ovulation date.

Sperm can stay for 7 days in a woman’s body. So deduct 7 from your ovulation date. Well, you can add a day and deduct 8. And that’s the end of your fertile window.

BeMoon Menstrual Calculator is as reliable and precise as possible.

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