Period calculator

Period Calculator

Wondering, “When will my period come?” BeMoon knows!Our easy to use period calculator will help you track and map your cycle for months. So if you’re planning for a beach wedding, or tracking your cycle if you’re trying to conceive, BeMoon is your perfect solution.

What’s a Period Calculator?

It’s a tool that helps you prepare for your incoming periods and have prior knowledge of your ovulation cycle. It estimates the most probable ovulation (the days you are most likely going to ovulate) and period days (the days when bleeding and discharge take place) in calendar form. A period calculator can also be seen as a woman natural calculator or a menstrual calculator.

With BeMoon, you’re guaranteed not to be caught off-guard when your periods turn up. We help you stay on top of your game by tracking your periods and symptoms that let you know it’s ovulation o’clock. As a result, you are prepared foryour menstrual period handling them like a pro. Giving you the freedom to be confident every single day.

How does a menstrual cycle look like?

We said all cycles are unique but they do have some common things.


Most women experience Premenstrual Syndrome, popularly referred to as PMS. It can be bloating, headaches, irritability, or you’re just more emotional than normal.


It’s when bleeding begins and ends.

Peak ovulation

This is the time you’re most fertile and the risk of being pregnant is at its highest. It lasts for about 6 days. A period tracker will help you know these days.

Why do you need a period calculator?


A period calculator lets you know what to expect so you can have the freedom to plan ahead. You can enjoy and have a carefree, relaxing vacation without fretting about your periods. Nothing dumps your mood like having to check if your clothes are clean every time you stand up.


Knowing when to carry a pad or a panty liner is an empowering feeling. A period calculator ensures you have never-ending confidence as you go about your daily chores.

How the BeMoon calculator calculates your menstrual cycle?

It analyses your period history data and predicts the time to expect your next cycle. All women are unique so this the best estimate of your cycle. Averagely, periods last for 28 days but there is no problem if you have a longer or shorter cycle. It’s perfectly normal.

With that being said, a period calculator may not be 100% correct for girls with irregular cycles. But it gives you an overview of the timeline to expect your period so you stay prepared during those days.


Download BeMoon and get your custom period calendar.